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Good on Jacob Murphy doing his homework on how to potentially catch out Rui Patricio at set-peices I hope he gets a chance now. #NUFC https://t.co/Jzro6izd75
Tweeted 5 hours ago by StevenNUFC
@ToonUnited2 Apparently he stepped down just in case it does get the green light (and it looks like it will) He doesn't want to be still director at QPR when it does as it will look disrespectful to QPR fans leaving there to join #NUFC so he thought it would be best to go now.
Tweeted 5 hours ago by AnthonyIAnson
Please show us the miracle My breath does not rise from the intensity of despair May God protect you... #ARSLEI #aespa #basedonwhat #CovidVic #erased #GoodLuckSoldierChen #GFVIP #Golden #HappyYutaDay #idolssa #Kuwait #LISA #money #NUFC #OurBlueHourStartsNow #PalliativeHunters
Tweeted 5 hours ago by SMA_MPR
@ChrisDHWaugh Bruce seems to have no trust in his players to go head to head with anyone. Just go out to nick a point here n there. The players must know this and must be soul destroying 😣 #NUFC
Tweeted 5 hours ago by mark_robson10
Can’t argue with any of this from https://t.co/hJwp8kImuj #nufc https://t.co/LkcSw5Xxjv
Tweeted 5 hours ago by Mark74NUFC
@LukeEdwardsTele Such an empty life he has to try and wind up #nufc fans. Pathetic wanker!
Tweeted 5 hours ago by ianjohnsontoon1
@jordancronin_ No link between midfield and attack ASM was poor and Wilson isolated again. With his 20 yrs management experience how does Bruce not see it??? #nufc
Tweeted 5 hours ago by Tony99054231
Not me trying to recreate todays goal on fifa :] #NUFC #WOLNEW #PS4share https://t.co/bGDdLVHhdc https://t.co/HKgHf25Lvh
Tweeted 5 hours ago by Nicolarobson37
Steve Bruce singles out #nufc surprise star today for praise. https://t.co/YvLngECU0B
Tweeted 5 hours ago by ChronicleNUFC
@LukeEdwardsTele Luke! good job nobody takes you seriously. Why are you even covering #nufc you don't share any of the passion us fans do. What are you thinking when watching us lose possession and sit back and create nothing. Were so boring to watch its embarrassing. Nearly as much as you.
Tweeted 5 hours ago by DavidDonnelly3

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